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John Manuel, British writer living in Greece.


This is the official website of writer John Manuel. Please Click on any of the tabs along the top of this page to enter.

John Manuel lived and wrote on the Greek island of Rhodes from August 2005 until September 0f 2019, when he and his wife relocated to a small village in the hills above the delightful seaside town of Ierapetra, in South Eastern Crete.

His wife had a Greek mother, and details about the family background can be found by going to the "Basic Info/John's wife's Greek heritage" tab above.

John's written six memoir books about his whole Greek experience. The latest is "
A Slightly Larger Motley Collection of Greek Oddities" and this is edition 2, with six extra chapters over edition 1, now 'live' in Kindle format and as a paperback. Regarding why there are 2 editions, please see the note on the book's page on this website, entitled "An apology, an explanation even, regarding why there are now two editions..." 

There are also nine novels and one short story, the latest of which is "
Outage." Each book has its dedicated page on this site, where you'll find a direct link to its Amazon UK page, should you wish to buy it.

Plus, of course, if you're ready to risk a few pennies by buying any of John's books now, the cameos of the front covers (right) are also links to the Amazon UK pages where you can make your purchase.

Clicking on any of the book-covers below will take you to its respective page on From there you can change country/currency if you wish.

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Click on the image (left) to watch a 45 minute interview with John, in Karina Kantas' series "Behind the Pen."

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